Amber Tiger were recently contacted by the Mauritanian military to provide aviation support services in the form of engineering and spare parts. Having already worked with them delivering aircrew training, they knew we could deliver. 


We have an engineer in country supporting their rotary fleet both with engineering tasks alongside delivering basic instruction to local personnel. We are also supplying spare parts for their AW109E airframes. Grounded for a lengthy period, our team got them flying again within a week. Testament to the dedication and knowledge of Amber Tiger personnel.

Amber Tiger returns to Mauritania
Brimstone into Apache

When MBDA began developing integrating Brimstone missiles in the Apache Helicopter for the British MOD, we helped them with the Attack Helicopter User Experience to give pilots the context and detail they need to ensure they became familiar with the system and its capabilities.


A recent interview in Helicopter Defence Magazine examines our role in the development of this significant project over the past 18 months, you can read it by clicking here.

SERE Training in Eastern Europe

Amber Tiger, supporting Sabre22, recently delivered a Survive, Evade, Resist and Extract Training course to an Eastern European military. 


A two week programme that was both demanding and enjoyable with classroom activities and practical exercises.

Jungle support for TV filming

Amber Tiger worked with Bushcraft Expeditions as their survival advisors in the Malaysian jungle to ensure the safety of the contestants and crew during the filming of 'Dropped', a popular Swedish Reality TV show.


Several sports personalities where blindfolded, then dropped at a remote location. No food. No map. No help, only their survival skills to find their way back to civilisation.

Gunnery trials in Italy

Amber Tiger conducted an Air to Ground Gunnery trial for Italian SF aircraft utilising the M134 Minigun both by day and night.  


Our team also delivered detail instruction on the weapon system as well as safety numbers in the aircraft during the trials.

Training in Mauritania

Amber Tiger delivered in country training for the military of Mauritania on the AW109E airframe.


This included both ground and airborne lessons alongside instruction in aircraft profiles for forward firing weapons and cabin crew served weapons.

ITEC 2016

Amber Tiger were in attendance at ITEC demonstrating underslung loads, SAR winching and gunnery on the M134 Minigun using a synthetic trainer alongside VSS employing the very latest virtual reality technology.

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