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UAV & Security solutions from Amber Tiger


Amber Tiger can deliver complete unmanned platform projects, utilising both fixed and rotary wing UAV’s and drones. Our team can design the service, provide the equipment, training and CAA approved pilots or provide a total operational service anywhere in the world. We have proven success in improving mission outcomes and reducing operational cost in a wide variety of roles including:
Pipeline inspection from Amber Tiger

In certain areas the cost of utilising helicopters to inspect large lengths of oil and gas pipeline becomes a limiting factor for clients. With the ability to survey huge lengths of pipeline or electricity pylons in a day, the use of unmanned systems allows the flexibility to deploy assets rapidly and effectively responding to issues as they arise.


As technology has moved on, unmanned platforms now provide an ideal method of inspecting either buildings or energy installations for defects or potential catastrophic failures. Using EO/IR sensors or HD cameras real time information can be sent to clients to allow immediate decision-making, mitigating the risk of a delay causing financial losses.

building and engineering inspection with Amber Tiger

Small unmanned rotary drones provide an unobtrusive yet hugely viable method of providing security for large gatherings of people or for the security of property/land. Areas that will benefit include music festivals, motor racing events, athletic events, large private properties, commercial premises, football training grounds, large construction sites involving the storage of high value equipment, asset protection and management.


With experience of making promotional films for international clients, we can provide CAA approved pilots to work with clients in delivering stunning aerial footage using unmanned platforms worldwide.

TV and Film industry support from Amber Tiger

As with all aviation, training is a vital component. Our instructors are all CAA approved pilots with the ability to deliver relevant and up-to-date training in accordance with the latest CAA guidelines. You can use our offices or we can come to you and train your teams to deliver training, in both cases you are getting the experts in the field.

Amber Tiger is a Pro- Member of the Drone Safe Register, this is your guarantee that the services we provide are fully insured and compliant with CAA and IAA regulations. You can find out more about our membership of DSR by clicking here.
For more information or to discuss how we can fulfil your requirements please email –
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